Thursday, October 31, 2013

All The Same - Cactus Espresso Bar, Ipswich

When we got to Brisbane we met up with some of the choristers of the wonderful Voices in the Wilderness, a choir I run in Adelaide. The choir was touring to Brisbane, so the kitchen table tour merged with my choir tour at this stage. Which meant this night's song was a little more rehearsed than most!

Song written and led by my beautiful mum Kerry. Go Mum!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Chatter With The Angels - Réka's table, Brisbane

I met Reka when she taught me conducting and musicianship at UQ and at Kodaly Summer Schools. She is a world class musical force and it was a true privilege to sing at her table, and have her and her gorgeous hubby Chris jam with us. My ears are just joying (surely that should be a word) listening to what these BEAUTIFUL people made with us from a sweet little pentatonic song. What a blessing!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Only Myself To Blame - Stef's table, Gold Coast

listen to these guys! I met Stef at UQ summer school, and she's a very marvellous musician. Meanwhile Glen is a professional opera singer, who seemed totally at hone jamming some blues. Those top notes are him going off - how awesome is that? And very talented son Aaron.

These guys live in the Gold Coast hinterland and showed us around their sub tropical garden at dusk. Where Emlyn found fireflies.

Black is the Colour - Byron Springs Guesthouse, Byron Bay

We had a cancellation from our normal kitchen tables, so took the opportunity to spend a night in Byron Bay. This is where we went for our last holiday without the kids 8 years ago, and we love the place. Even if it's commercial and manufactured and full of drunken young people. At our boarding house, we managed to sneak a little table singing in, in the morning over breakfast.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ipharadisi - Erin's table, Lismore

Erin's table in Lismore. Her kids turned up, cooked us breakfast and brought out their djembes. So this isn't a song we normally sing but it seemed like a good one for a drum session. Then Erin took us out to her fiance's farm. Where some profound knots untied inside - some places really are magical.

Lord of the Dance - Bec's table, Tamworth

A table full of Bec's family in Tamworth. Bec and Steve had Lord of the Dance at their wedding, so they requested it. Hope they didn't mind that in our normal way, we flattened a few thirds and swung a bit here and there.
Bec's kids greeted us so enthusiastically when we arrived, and knew our arrangements so sang along with us. Which was awesome.- they are a crazily musical family where everybody plays multiple instruments. The eldest is planning to study conducting at uni, and if she gets there it will be a tribute to Bec and the culture of this family.

You Are My Sunshine - Nancy's table, Dubbo

This is from a few days ago - we are on a catch up blitz today! Now Nancy and Danae are in Sydney where Danae is singing at the Opera House. So this is our brush with fame!